Sunday, 6 July 2008


Last week, it was reported that Western Isles Health Board could be linked to Highland Health Board (in Inverness) for issues like senior management. This has led to apprehension in the isles, by all accounts, as it is feared that WIHB might eventually be abolished.

Two years ago, the Scottish Executive (as was) flew in a management team to take over from the discredited leadership of the then top managers. A new team was subsequently instituted.

These plans are not restricted to the Western Isles; Orkney and Shetland under similar ideas could be linked to Aberdeen.

Writing from some distance, I cannot help thinking that the Health Board in Stornoway is doomed for some or other reason. First, a set of managers is appointed who manage to earn the distrust and total lack of confidence of its staff. Little is done about it for too long, and when something is done, the Board is left with three chief executives. Not all on its payroll, but it does go to say something.

With the appointment of a new management team, staff were probably hoping that things would settle down. Not so, it would seem. Uncertainty continues to haunt the NHS in the Isles, and the question surfaces: What next, and when?

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  1. "Sir, When I started following your blog ir was full of news about a part of Lewis nearer to my heart than Most - Pairc. It was about to be bought back by the crofters and/or covered in wind turbines. What has happened to these plans?"

    Godfey Brigg from Bingley West Yorks