Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Decorations

Last week, the Christmas Decorations were illuminated in Stornoway. I went out this evening to take pictures of them, and it struck me that there were fewer Christmas lights than in previous years. This year, only Point Street (from Bank Street to Cromwell Street), Cromwell Street and Perceval Square had lights. In 2005, the decorations stretched up Francis Street past the Gallery, down Kenneth Street, over the Ferry Terminal and Maritime Building (now demolished). In 2004, the lights even stretched into the Castle Grounds. The hurricane of January 2005 smashed those.

Cromwell Street

Point Street

North Beach Street

Perceval Square


  1. Maybe the new pavement and seating area on Cromwell Street used up some of the lighting budget? Anyway, in these wintery days, some lights is better than no lights.

    I enjoyed watching the passing lightning storm last night. I'm sure I saw a big bolt hit the top of the Ach Mor communications mast - I couldn't see anything for five seconds afterwards!

  2. Super photos, Arnish. Not many people around, though! And is that the famous Triangle I can see in pics 2 and 4? I meant to ask: does the alignment of the triangle have any significance?

  3. Thanks for sharing Arnish. # AL, those two brown structures overlooking the sea in your header: are they old bunkers? They look like SW US picnic/barbecue shelters. Are they used for anything?

  4. The structures were gun-emplacements during the Second World War. They now lie derelict.

  5. I thought the Christmas tree in Perceval Square was really rather magnificent, and overall the decorations were much better than I had anticipated they would be.