Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I have entered and categorised all island blogs on this site known upto 7pm on Wednesday 10 December 2008. If and when further blogs appear, they will be entered in one of the categories, these being:

- Outer Hebrides

- Skye & Small Isles

- Argyll Islands (includes Firth of Clyde)

- Orkney

- Shetland

- Non Island

Those blogs where I could not determine where they were from, are assigned to Blog Roll.
Sunny is assigned as Non Island, as are the main Island Blogging and Help Me journals.


  1. Good job, Arnish. You may wish to stick Kiwi under Non Island (though she would claim to be either from North Island or South Island, but she'll just have to lump it [eh, Kiwi?]).

  2. Really great news! And if we were to copy the IB house rules from Aunty Beeb, would we be whacked for breach of copyright?

  3. No, because we'd adjust the rules to reflect current situation.

  4. Let's do it, then! "Us" being most probably "you". Would it be posible to get your divisions introduced to the site as a whole, as in "Old" IB days?

  5. Aren't we all individual sites? Anyway MC and Madlamb are no longer on Orkney, but non island, unless you allow the British mainland as an island. I'm quite happy to leave mine as is unless the blogroll becomes too long, and I doubt it will.

  6. And.. Help Me Blog has published a link to Scottish Islands with the active blogger isles highlighted in blue. Its looking a bit bare so far...

  7. MJC: i'm back in nz on the LOVELY COROMANDEL which is north island. thought of you the other night as i sat down with a good bottle of "oyster bay "wine;cheers