Saturday, 6 December 2008

Yet again

Yet again, I find myself kicked off a blogging platform. In October, I found myself scrabbling to move my journal from AOL to Blogger. And now it's Island Blogging going off the BBC. What can I say? Nothing.

I've just customised the header of this new blog, and am still trying to get myself familiar with the set-up of this blog under Wordpress.

Anything for Arnish Lighthouse to comment upon? The fish processing plant at Marybank is closing down, with 130 losing their jobs. The Arnish Fabrication Yard has once more run out of things to do, and I am awaiting the announcement that it will be mothballed again. Treat last sentence as a severe bout of sarcasm, it is not based on fact. Just a total lack of confidence in the future of the Yard, which is most deplorable.

So, more employment is wanted in Lewis. And the Council have once more buried their head in large scale wind farms, thinking that's the be all and end all of all the island's economic woes. A large windfarm will certainly be the end of tourism as we know it in Lewis.


  1. Hi Arnish and welcome to Island Blogging - I hope your stay on here lasts much longer than your previous two homes. I have over 7 years experience in running online communities, my first being one of the largest English speaking scuba diving forums in the world so we should be online for many years to come.

    Am glad you seem to have been able to start tinkering 'under the bonnet' of Wordpress - we plan to add some tutorials for how to tweak some of the other areas, such as creating new categories for your posts etc, in the very near future.

  2. hi Arnish well I made it too, and have sent emails to a few old IB,ers who may follow.....but we are getting there.



  3. Hi, Arnish, glad to see you are one of the first on this new site. Yours was one of the half dozen or so feeds I had from the old BBC site.

    Your host, Jay, beat me to setting up this new site but I hope to be able to give him whatever help and suggestions I can to improve the site as we go along. In considering setting up a new site I did a bit of research and discovered that you held the title of Most Prolific Western Isles Blogger on the BBC site with over 500 posts. I counted 509 but it could have been a few more. Your nearest rival came in at a mere 154!

    Lets hope that we get to read a lot more from the King of The Western Isles Bloggers!