Wednesday, 8 July 2009


This magnificent three-masted schooner is currently moored in Stornoway, but is due to leave for Skye, the Small Isles and Oban shortly. The Dutch-registered Oosterschelde was built in 1918 and offers opportunities for hands-on sailing on trips of up to 2 weeks at a time. [Edit: the English language version of the site can be accessed by clicking on the link marked English]

For those who missed seeing the ship at Stornoway, she will be back at the end of next week - presumably for Sail Hebrides. Own imagery is not currently available, but will be posted once I've caught up with the ship myself.

Oosterschelde will be at Oban next weekend and around the southern Isles and St Kilda on passage to Stornoway.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Oosterschelde in Gulf of Finland in 2003, courtesy Pieter Nijdeken"]Oosterschelde in Gulf of Finland in 2003, courtesy Pieter Nijdeken[/caption]


  1. Al, do you know on what day this vessel will return? We have some young visitors staying with us who may be interested in having a look at this ship. Have looked at the above link, but its all in errr..double Dutch. Sorry! Any ideas where I can get more info.
    Thanks fo the pic.

  2. I am double-checking with the boat's website, but she will be back in the weekend of 18 July - I've suggested they arrive for Sail Hebrides, at 5pm on the 17th. She'll be at Oban this weekend (12th) and at Barra a few days later.
    The website has a link marked English, right at the bottom of the links-table, on the left-hand side.

  3. Harryd(Canada)9 July 2009 at 01:51

    Majestic sight seeing the sails full of air.

  4. A wonderful sight.

  5. Am I right in thinking these beautiful boats are at Cromore during weekend 18th?

  6. I can now confirm that the Oosterschelde is not coming specifically to join Sail Hebrides or take part in the annual sea battle in Loch Erisort. The company emailed me back this morning saying they didn't even know Sail Hebrides existed. I just hope they can be at Stornoway on Friday 17 July and join the entry of the fleet at 5pm.

  7. What a splendid ship! The Dutch are really good at this sort of ting.