Monday, 20 July 2009

Warped view

Last night, my attention was drawn to an article on Associated Press, dutifully carried by dozens of news outlets across the world. One paragraph went for me, as it did for quite a few people in these islands:

The majority of the 18,000 islanders strictly adhere to the books of Genesis and Exodus from the Old Testament, in which God declared the seventh day reserved for rest and worship. So after church services, they don’t use electricity, play games, shop or even hang out laundry to dry.

So we don't use electricity, eh? Your blogger has sent three stiff complaints, to the writer, AP and the Independent on Sunday. The fact that many people in Lewis go along with the wishes of a few, in order not to cause upset or offence, does not mean everybody subscribes to such practices. And the non-use of electrical power is blatantly incorrect.

Yesterday, when I was at the ferry terminal, I was annoyed by the expressions on the faces of the presspack, when they caught sound of the group of church goers, singing psalm 46 - nearly laughing their heads off. Whatever your views on Sabbaterians and their convictions, I believe them to be genuine and sincerely held. There is no call for ridicule and misrepresentation, and I think it's time the press stopped making us the laughing stock of the world.


  1. Quite agree. I have strongly held, if opposing, beliefs to the psalm singers. All I want is to be allowed to hold and follow those beliefs, insofar as they do not disadvantage others, without being dictated to by the those who hold equally strong different beliefs. This applies as much to sabbath keeping as to other areas of morals or ethics. In other words keep your sabbath as you wish but allow me to enjoy mine in my own way.

  2. Absolutely. Did you go to the civil ceremony today , Arnish? Another fly in the ointment for the church goers, I imagine, but another case of it being a legal requirement to provide the place and facilities. ( Though probably not a bunch of confetti throwing well wishers...) :lol:

  3. I think that HB says it all.

  4. Good grief, Arnish, you have the electric light in Lewis now? :-) (at least for 6 days a week). I'm sure that will come as a surprise to many...
    I agree with HB, who puts it better than I would. And as for the press pack - tear gas and machine guns come to mind... :-)

  5. The hack concerned may have had more of a point if he had mentioned out cr@p broadband speeds or non-existant broadband, or cr@p 'state' imposed broadband supplier in some areas. I suspect he has jumped on the JMc band waggon and is trying to make a name for himself by writing something contentious and patently stupid. Mind you if he has been watching Machair on BBC Alba, this may explain where he is getting his ideas from!

  6. I agree with being a laughing stock of the world, its stupid and puts us in a bad light.

    didn't see any new papper reports that must us in a postive light