Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Second half of 2009

The much vaunted debate on Isles FM about the Sunday ferries was missed by this blogger. Both live, and repeat, and on-line reruns. I am told it was a balanced debate, which is more than can be said for the megaphone discussion on this subject taking place elsewhere on the Net. It is currently rumoured that a ferry could be sailing on Sunday 19 July, to take away all the revellers attending the Hebridean Celtic Festival.

The Uist Rocket Range and its intended depletion of staff has also had the feathers flying in the political arena. Once more, Arnish Lighthouse does not profess a political allegiance. Having said that, it would appear that our parliamentary representatives are currently flying over the horizon at the end of a rope holding the bolting horse that is going to take the jobs away from Uist. Yes, a dreadful metaphor. The MP is talking to all political parties, except for the one currently in government in Westminster. They are the ones pulling the strings at the moment, and even if there is a general election much before the current latest date of June 2010, I cannot see how the savings of £28m are going to be by-passed by either Labour or Conservative at this stage in an economic downturn.The laudable efforts by the MP are coming way too late.

It is worth stressing that Defense is solely the prerogative of the Westminster Parliament and Government. I will not pass comment on the party-political game playing that is going on over the heads of the Uisteachs.

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