Monday, 14 September 2009


The operators of the Uist rocket range, QinetiQ, have posted a job-advert for a project manager to downsize said rocket range. This implies that a decision has already been taken for the range to be downgraded, even though the Ministry of Defense in London deny that.

QinetiQ call the recruitment drive prudent business practice. I call it something else. You do not advertise a job vacancy if it later turns out the job isn't going to be done. That could land you, as an employer, in seriously hot water. Although I find the efforts from our MSP to save the situation laudable, it is not the MSP that should be jumping up and down. Our MP, the man who represents us in Westminster, should be making a lot of noise over of this. For Defense is NOT a devolved issue, i.e. not something that the Scottish Government has any say over, and neither has the Scottish Parliament.


  1. Don't you wish sometimes that life came with a crystal ball?

  2. Only goes to show that what seems like wisdom on Monday is utter trash come Tuesday. Any room in that cave of yours?

  3. The irony is that the Uisteach marched on the streets 40+ years ago to keep the MOD out. Now they march to keep them here- quite understandably.
    A good if totally unexpected outcome, especially for those facing redundancy and the dole, with every politician and aspiring one(s?) between the Butt of Lewis and Westminster claiming the vicory.