Tuesday, 20 October 2009

800 years ago

According to Hebrides News, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is aiming to have new school premises ready at Tarbert, Stornoway and Balivanich by 1212. If you spot the mistake, all I can say is well done. Hardly anybody spotted it by the look of it. Certainly not the journalists at the Press and Journal newspaper, who do a regular copy and paste job on newsitems from Hebrides News, without rechecking facts themselves. You can see that for yourself.

I rarely have cause to complain about our local and regional news media, but this is a bit of an editorial failure.


  1. They did manage to spell "school "correctly, did they??

  2. That'll be just after noon then about an hour before Bannockburn, which as we were all taught took place just before a quarter past one.
    Sensibly though, it does reflect the lack of proof reading which seems to have come with spell checkers. If you can rely on the computer to pick up most errors then why check anything?

  3. Proof-reading went out with computer, HB! Good to know that the jarls of the Suderöarna were so keen on education.

  4. That's not so much lack of proofreading as stupidity, surely! It must be reassuring to know that everybody involved is so on the ball.

  5. There was a time when you could rely on official bodies to have a reasonable standard of education, enough to present news and notices in proper english, and enough respect for their readers to check for typos, however these days mistakes are everywhere, including on the telly (*why* am I so surprised at that!), and in all manner of publications. One of the worst is the 'aberrant apostrophe' whose cause was espoused by the late Keith Waterhouse in the Mirror.

    And you only have to look at Ms Moir's article about the late Stephen Gateley to see how much research is done before expressing a not-very-nice view ...

    I guess my views really place me in the 'older generation' don't they ...? After all, spelling, punctuation and grammar really are not that important in the scheme of things now, are they ...