Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Windfarms and pylons - II

An update on the two stories I mentioned in my previous two posts.

The approval for the Pentland Road windfarm, 6 turbines near the Achmore junction, has elicited expressions of deep concern from the RSPB. They suggest that the siting of the turbines will adversely affect the golden eagles that live in the area. An environmental impact study, which accompanied the planning application, was described as shoddy, as not conducted in accordance with standards laid down for that type of investigation. The RSPB will now closely scrutinise proceedings and decide on a course of action. As I said last week, a poor exercise in accountability and now, it would appear, an even poorer exercise in planning.

The Beauly to Denny upgrade story from Monday appears to have been a leak, and has blown up into a bit of a storm. One person has alleged that approval for the upgrade was already decided on before the public inquiry was held. I am not at all surprised, bearing in mind the UK government's policies on renewable energy targets. What surprised me was the assertion that all of Scotland's energy needs could be met from renewables, without recourse to nuclear (which I don't much like either) or other technologies, such as clean coal.

What these two items have in common is an arrogant administration, whether it be Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, or the Scottish Government, thinking they are so powerful that they can ride rough-shod over the due planning process, and just making the right noises at the right time, without taking any account whatsoever of public opinion, scientific evidence or legislation.

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