Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fly me to school

After following a link from Fletcher Saga (Stronsay) about inter-island flights in Orkney, my jaw dropped. S1/S2 pupils from Eday are flown to school on Mondays on a dedicated flight. Similarly, itinerant teachers are flown round the islands on dedicated flights as well. Oh well, go to Orkney for unusual air movements...


  1. The Bank fly to their customers as well, see the ads on tv. People have flown inter-island in Orkney since the 1930s. Indeed one of the pioneers of domestic air routes, Ted Fresson, said that the people of Orkney were the most air minded in Britain. I suspect that that is no longer the case in this age of low cost airlines. Ted Fresson's autobiography, "Air Road To the Isles," was republished a couple of years ago, it makes an interesting read.

  2. Pupils from all the North isles are flown to school weekly, they board in a hostel weeknights and get home at the weekends.
    It is cheaper to fly them home , not to mention better for them & their families, than to keep them in a hostel all weekend with its attendant expenses of employees, heating, food etc.
    Back in the 70's, when I was a pupil, we got home for a weekend once a month by boat, missing one friday & mondays schooling per month, the boat trip could be anything up to 7 hours, depending on which order it went around the islands.
    Teachers generally fly out to the primary schools on the islands on a scheduled flight. These arent the everyday class teachers, but ones with specialist subjects, like music & PE

  3. Obliged to Mara for clarifying the underlying reasoning behind this unique arrangement. I am aware, from own experience, that Orkney has a good inter-island air-service to complement the sea-links.