Thursday, 8 April 2010

The 19th Hole

The Golf Club is applying for a license to serve alcohol on Sundays. The Club says this is separate from the vexed issue of playing golf on the Sabbath. Actually, it runs a nice parallel to the current controversy over opening the Stornoway Sports Centre on Sundays. At the moment, it is closed - but you can drink yourself legless in any of the town's hostelries. So, we can look forward to having a fantastic booze-up at the Nineteenth Hole at the Golf Club after lunch on Sundays, without having to tire ourselves out chopping our way around the 18 holes first.


  1. Come, come, now Arnish Light, this is not the sporting attitude that we want to see from inhabitants of the Outer Islands. If you don't want to play golf in the morning, begin at 5 a.m.! It is delightful to enjoy a completely empy golf course while the sea-gulls circle sleepily, chucking quietly to themselves.

  2. Chucking what, Barney??

  3. Great idea - park the polis at the gate and the fines from the breathylser cases will pay for a new sorting office. Positive economics - there should be more of it.