Wednesday, 7 April 2010


And now I'm really in an impossible position. The Pairc Trust, which seeks to launch a hostile buy-out bid to oust sitting landlord Barry Lomas, is hoping to fund said buy-out bid by getting the community benefit from the giant windfarm, proposed for the Pairc Estate (see this article on Heb News).

I have supported the Scottish community buy-out movement for 14 years, starting with the Isle of Eigg and continuing with Pairc.

I have also voiced my strong opposition to the 500 ft turbines proposed for the Pairc Estate as environmental vandalism.

So, Arnish Lighthouse is now caught between Scylla and Charibdes.

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  1. Things are never as clear-cut as they seem, AL, are they? Shades of grey... Maybe you just have to resign yourself to being torn in two by the issue.