Saturday, 24 April 2010

NHS Western Isles

There are moves afoot to close an island nursery, Little Teddies, a facility provided by NHS Western Isles for its staff, but also utilised by other workers with young children.

Yesterday (Thursday) a meeting was held to discuss this issue with all interested parties, including Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, parents and NHS Western Isles. In a move strangely reminiscent of a previous crisis, no formal representative of the Health Board attended.

NHS Western Isles was left £3m in the red after a forced change in management in 2006/7. Although new managers were appointed, the Isles NHS is still £3m in the red, meaning cuts are having to be made. It is deplorable that the NHS here is reverting to old tactics in dodging discussion and burying its head in the sand. I sincerely hope we are not going back to the bad old days of Manson & co.

Secondly, it appears that the cuts may be applied to frontline staff (nurses, doctors &c). I personally feel that if cuts have to be made they'd better be made by reducing overheads.

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