Monday, 30 January 2006

Cinema and art, and a small town's problems

<![CDATA[ One of the Shetland blogs mentioned problems with getting access to films. This is no longer an issue in Stornoway. Since October 1st, 2005, we have a brand new arts centre, called An Lanntair - The Lantern. Previously, this was located in the Town Hall.
An Lanntair, from South Beach Street
It is a purpose built venue, which has already hosted a theatre performance, movie showings and has a rolling exhibition of artworks, which change every couple of weeks or months.
Bar in An Lanntair
It is great to have a restaurant and a bar, and open performances in the auditorium can be watched from both areas. Screens can be raised to allow an unimpeded view of proceedings. Whatever I may think of the lay-out, it is a great improvement on what was not there before. I have heard that before the construction of the new building, a temporary carpark was there. Now that that is no longer available, Stornoway appears to have joined other towns and cities up and down the land with a parking problem.
Proposed solution to the carparking problems in SY
Last year's Carnival procession included the above suggestion - multi storey carparking, but not as you may know it. Carparking charges are in the offing (all of 50p, what a rip-off), as well as a park-and-ride all the way from the Council Offices to Cromwell Street. OK, handy if you got many bags. I have previously advocated the use of the island's busservices, which are perfectly adequate.
Lewis Sports Centre
Another amenity is the above Sports Centre, which is not as austere as the exterior may suggest
Cafe at Sports Centre, overlooking the swimming pool
It has a swimming pool, climbing wall, sports hall, play area for the little ones and much more. The Centre only opened in 2004, and has also hosted the Royal National Mod last October, and had the Local Mod in February 2005. Although Stornoway is not a large town (pop about 8,000), we've got an increasing list of amenities, of which many a larger town could be proud.One of things that I really like about the town, is the absence of many of the brands that splatter every single town and city on mainland Scotland and Britain. Ain't I glad we haven't got a MacDonalds, Burger King or some such fast food (and fast litter) outlet? Spare us! ]]>

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