Friday, 6 January 2006

Shipping charges

<![CDATA[ MV Muirneag
I'm copying the following post from a Scottish island related bulletin board, and hope everyone in the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland will join in.
Just curious if anyone else feels slighted by major retailers that will not ship goods to us islanders. I attempted to order a computer from a major online retail store and even when I offered to pay for my (free) shipping, I was told that only mainland shipping was possible. I explained to "customer service" that we do have Royal Mail service and that many other businesses are able to deliver thier goods to the island with no problems. I feel discriminated about you?

My reply was something like this:
Common problem. The worst I heard was about the tool company that levied the 'islands' charge to a customer in Skye - after the bridge was built.

In order to do something about this, I suggest the following:

First, people's experiences should be collected (publicity campaign, local press, other bulletin boards).

A collection of signatures should then be held, and the signatures offered to someone with political clout; an MP or MSP.

A test case could be brought in court against one or more offending companies, which would set a legal precedent.

Anyone else got any ideas? ]]>

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