Friday, 20 January 2006

Strange walking routes

<![CDATA[ Looking out from the War Memorial towards the mouth of the Laxdale River
In the summer of 2005, I explored a route across what's locally known as the Cockle Strand. It's actually the mouth of the Laxdale River. This rises on the moors west of Newvalley, one of the northern suburbs of Stornoway.
Laxdale River at Horgaraid
If you should ever venture there, try to choose a day after a period of relative drought. It is one of the routes leading to the Barvas Hills (the line of four hills to the northwest of Stornoway). Terrain there is very difficult, even in dry conditions. I posted an image of the terrain in an earlier entry, but this is the view from the summit of Beinn Mholaich, hill number 2, counting from the east.
View west from Beinn Mholaich
My abiding memory of that trip is not so much the difficult terrain (used to that), but the swarms of zillions of midges as I gained the Pentland Road, 2

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