Friday, 10 February 2006


<![CDATA[ As my colleague Rywyn, up the road in Point, already pointed out, the skies have been positively stunning recently, and not just at sunset. Although I quite agree, yesterday was absolute tops. I'll just put in a gallery of pics I've taken in recent days, and let them do the talking, rather than me.

sunset (16.40)
sun breaking through thin medium level clouds (13.37)
MV Clansman coming into Stornoway in very hazy conditions (13.23)
sunset (16.31)
Shower moving south towards Arnish (12.18)
15 minutes later - shower moving away south (12.33)
Shafts of sunlight breaking through a gap in the clouds (10.36)
Sunset colours looking southwest (16.39)
Cloudscapes reflected in Newton Basin (16.39)
clouds lit up from below by setting sun (16.57)
sunset (17.06)


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