Wednesday, 1 February 2006

NHS Western Isles

<![CDATA[ Some very bad news continues to eminate from the smouldering embers of the NHS Western Isles. One of the people who had blown the whistle on the problems within the Health Board was more or less summarily dismissed over the weekend, after 32 years' service in the NHS. Other people of my acquaintance are now scared to speak out, as they now know that they stand to be dismissed if they do. The reasons given are "bringing the organisation into disrepute" and "misconduct". Bullying and intimidation taken to extremes.

The Health Minister on the Scottish Executive continues to turn a blind eye to proceedings in Stornoway, saying it's a local matter. As I've written two months ago, any opposition to proposed plans is effectively stifled and stymied. It cannot be seen to be supported by members of staff, all credibility is lost. Today, a projected shortfall of

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