Thursday, 23 February 2006

Cockle Ebb

<![CDATA[ Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I decided to head out for a walk, about 5 miles, along the Cockle Ebb to Steinish and across to Sandwick. I have mentioned the Cockle Ebb before. It is the estuary of the River Laxdale and the Blackwater River. A tidal basin, which turns into mudflats at low tide. A haven for wildlife, but very dangerous for crossing on foot. I was told that many years ago, a lady from Back would walk to Stornoway across the Ebb, crossing from Aird Tong to Culregrein and into town. There are warning signs on the access roads, that you can easily become cut off by a high tide, that there are quicksands and other hidden dangers. Nonetheless, I have once crossed the Cockle Ebb barefoot (saves taking boots off and putting them on again every 2 minutes) from Culregrein to Tong. Nice walk, about 1

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