Saturday, 18 February 2006


<![CDATA[ As I was going for a walk in the Castle Grounds here in Stornoway at any rate, I thought I'd take the camera along. Theme of the week appears to be SPRING, although the forecast is actually for a return to winter. Better make the most of it, and hope the frosts this week won't be too harsh. It would a shame to lose all these pretty flowers, green shoots and budding leaves, wouldn't it.

Included in this photo gallery are two bird pictures, which I couldn't resist. Today (Saturday 18th) was so spectacular...

Crocus outside Somerfields
Gorse bush
Blue tit near the Woodlands Centre
Flowering Butterbur
If anybody knows what this is, please leave a comment
Budding horse chestnut
Budding ferns
Snowdrops near Lews Castle College
Heron fishing in the Inner Harbour


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