Saturday, 1 April 2006

Fank Day

<![CDATA[ Well, here we are. With the special transports for the Fank, as seen in Stornoway yesterday:

This was the ferry on which the 2400 females were transported from Ullapool overnight. At the busstation I did catch sight of a special bus service, dedicated to taking the ladies to the fank.

I am not sure whether my directions were quite correct, but I think Dell Fank might be here ....

The Arran jumpers sailed past at the crack of dawn, or was that the crack of doom? Anyway, I went out with my beads and welcoming leaflets, and the craic was great. The special bus service roared across the Barvas Moor, and it was a job well done, even if I say so myself. Over to Calumannabel for the rest of the reporting. ]]>

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