Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Eishken windfarm

<![CDATA[ As I reported over the last few weeks, the proposed windfarm for Eishken has been reduced in size from 133 to 53 turbines. Landowner Nick Oppenheimer said he had done so following expressions of concern over the environmental impact of the scheme.

Objections can be raised until May 12th. In order to inform local residents about the process, three meetings will be organised in Lewis. The Muaitheabhal Trust kicks off on May 4th. This is the body which has a share in the Eishken windfarm. Because of the reduction in the size of the project, its share and its projected income stands to be reduced.
The landlord has his own meeting the next day.
Lochs councillor Annie MacDonald and an expert on the planning process will hold a walk-in meeting on May 10th. Exact details on time and place of each meeting will be made available locally.

Readers should bear in mind that the project came within a cat's whisker of being rejected by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar back in June 2005. Although the Muaitheabhal Trust is the community representative, the legal wranglings over windfarms in this district of Lewis mean that the community doesn't stand to gain from it as much as might be anticipated.

In my post Windfarms Revisited of April 19th, I alluded to a reconsideration of the North Lewis windfarm as well, which appears to have disappeared into the mists. Bearing in mind the hostility shown towards a representative of Lewis Windpower (aims to build the windfarm in North Lewis) at a Scottish Parliamentary Committee meeting yesterday, the building of said windfarm is by no means a foregone conclusion.

The Comhairle has submitted the planning application for the North Lewis scheme to the Scottish Executive. Anyone with comments can submit them through this page. ]]>

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