Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Oil Depots

<![CDATA[ Remember that huge fire at the Buncefield Oil Depot back in December? At the time, I launched the question whether it was such a good idea to have the oil depot in Stornoway in the town centre. An off-the-record reply from a local councillor back in December stated that they had no intention of shifting the tankpark.

Just to show you the situation at Stornoway. The tanks are within the yellow circle; I have pointed out the school (Nicolson Institute) and the ferry terminal for reference.

Nonetheless, it was recommended today that all such tanks be relocated out of built-up areas in the wake of the Buncefield fire. They were lucky that there were no casualties 4 months ago. Here in Stornoway, there shouldn't really be a problem. The tanks could easily be relocated 4 miles down the road to Arnish Point. There is no problem getting the tanker to berth there, as Glumag Harbour is very deep. ]]>

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