Sunday, 30 April 2006

Summer preparations

<![CDATA[ In the light of the current problems (hopefully soon resolved) with pictures, I put this post in good hope and spirit.

This evening, I went for a walk to Goat Island. This is the island in Stornoway Harbour, linked to the town via a causeway from the Coastguard Station. It is an industrial area, without being on the plans as such. It contains a fish processing factory and a unit that houses live crustaceans (crabs and the like). Every now and again, a lorry comes to take the creatures away to the restaurants elsewhere.

Goat Island also houses a boatyard, on which vessels up to 850 tons can be hauled up the slipway for maintenance. Those that follow my other blogs will be aware that one boat has been there for nearly 2 months. Local info has it that the Cuma, is awaiting a new propellor. The Cuma operates out of Miavaig (Uig, West Lewis), offering week long cruises to St Kilda, the Flannan Isles, Monach Isles and North Rona and Sulasgeir.

Another boat I found there was the Sgoth , a traditional sailing boat which used to operate out of Ness. She was being readied for summer outings.

An Sgoth
Another boat being repaired
Green Island from Goat Island; Lower Sandwick on the horizon
Causeway from Goat Island to Newton


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