Monday, 24 September 2007

Images of Point

Portnaguran from An t-Siumpan

Tiumpan Head Lighthouse

Bayble Beach


Garrabost Mill

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  1. "Nice pictures, Arnish, and yet the impression is one of gloominess. Is the weather cardigan-piercing cold yet? I can live with cold: not seeing the sun would drive me bonkers."

    mjc from NM, USA
    "Would you call 52F cold, MJC? It was overcast with a bullish force 6 blowing when I took those pics. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "Haearae mai Arnish Lighthouse, my husband and I will be coming to your area 2008 /MayJune. I am a "lighthouse nut", would you share some lighthouse news ?"

    nancy smail from New Zealand