Friday, 7 September 2007

NHS Western Isles

During 2006, a crisis in the management and finances of the Western Isles Health Board precipitated a wholesale change at the top of the organisation. Chairman, Chief Executive and Medical Director were all replaced.

This afternoon, it was reported that another senior official within the Health Board has been suspended on full pay, prompting a delay in the annual review which was due on Monday 10 September. The Cabinet Secretary for Health was due to visit Stornoway to chair the Annual Review of the Board's performance. In financial terms, this has not improved - there is still a cumulative deficit of around £ 3 million.

The Health Board's website does not give further details, and the Health Minister has expressed disappointment at this turn in events.

Saturday's papers revealed that the Chief Executive had been suspended pending an inquiry into the qualifications he brought into the job.
On Monday, an interim CEO was appointed whilst investigations continue into the suspended CEO's CV.

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  1. "are you sure you are talking about Lewis as in Scotland??? it sounds more like highly placed and paid civil servents here in france,italy(even more corrupt)or the U.S.A."

    carol from the usual place
    "Carol, Look back through the blog - actually, right from the beginning, and you'll get some idea what went on in the local health service. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "The Health Board may be in a crisis, but is education on Lewis going the same way? What say you to the proposed closing of secondary schools?"

    the lederhosen from in the rain