Thursday, 27 September 2007

Arnish Fabrication Yard

So, we're back to square one. The current operators of the Fabrication Yard have announced they'll be winding down operations after the current order is completed in November. They blame delays caused by public inquiries and government for the drop-off in orders for renewables (is that so?), and will need more money to keep the place going.


This is the third time that the Fabrication Yard has been allowed to go down the tubes, following an injection of substantial amounts of public money. The Yard was hailed as the salvation of the Lewis economy, particularly with the three windfarms that are planned for the island. I rather think that the operators should be more pro-active in acquiring orders from elsewhere, rather than sitting on their backsides and waiting for the orders to walk in the door.

It is a disgrace that this situation is allowed to develop again, and if the Arnish Yard does close again, I'd be sorely tempted to recommend Western Isles Enterprise demand their money back from current operators.

Even if the Yard was at one time the perceived salvation of the Lewis economy, there will be hardly anybody left believing that.

1 comment:

  1. "Spot-on Mr Lighthouse, I think the only things that are manufactured in that yard are Brass Necks."

    Peatstack from On the gravy train
    "What's new? Pay, pay and pay again: sounds as if the owners of the great Fabrication has taken a leaf or two from that great North Korean negotiations text book. "

    mjc from NM, USA
    "You can all say "oh its happening again,same as always,typical arnish" but when you dont know full storys and reasons behind things then its the typical Stornoway way to throw accusations and blame all around. I as a current worker there have learnt not to jump to conclusions and throw blame around because theres ALOT! more genuine reasons for this downturn in work/closure than you know,that i can guarante,all you go by is what you hear in the media."

    arnish worker from middle of nowhere
    "Then why not enlighten us arnish worker?"

    Flying Cat from is it a secret?
    "Whilst awaiting a response from arnish worker, I will say that previous experience does not work in the Yard's favour. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "I hope you're not holding your breath AL..."

    Flying Cat from money where mouth is