Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sunday sailings

It has come to my attention that 37 people have contacted Calmac, requesting them to commence Sunday sailings between Ullapool and Stornoway. This apparently started a week ago, with the majority of this correspondence coming from the Isle of Lewis.

It is possible to reach the mainland on Sunday by travelling from Leverburgh to Berneray, then on to Lochmaddy and by a second ferry to Skye. A circuitous and lengthy detour.

I have given my opinion on Sunday sailings in the past, as I believe it will benefit the island. People working away from the island will be able to come home for the weekend and depart on Sunday, in time to resume their jobs on Monday morning. The same applies to students.

I am aware of objections on religious grounds, and to safeguard a unique way of life, which I would be saddened to see the end of.

Calmac will sign the new service agreement this week, and will consider the Sunday sailings proposals next week.

Source: Hebrides Info

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