Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Lewis Windfarms

I've made my opposition to the proposed windfarms in Lewis clear on more than one occasion. In a recent entry, I have stated my case for that.

First Minister Alex Salmond appears to think that the Highlands and Islands should become the powerhouse of Europe, with a cable-link to Scandinavia rather than the rest of the UK. The Highlands and Islands will be the crown of Scotland in that respect, with energy generated from marine-based technology and other sources.

I just hope this crown doesn't become a crown of thorns, with windfarms at every corner, just for the sake of convenience and to line the pockets of the developers.

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  1. "What a horrible sight. Where is this windfarm Arnish?"

    mjc from NM,USA
    "Within the last fortnight, Northumberland County Council turned down a windfarm application on the basis that it might interfere with aircraft radar. Forgive me for pointing this out but isn't the Barvas Moor etc etc a little close to the airport!"

    calumavarant from amec the rules up
    "The windfarm is at Wattle Range, Australia. Calum you're quite right: interference with airport radar is one of the reasons why the Pentland Road development was delayed for public enquiry. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "Do you have radar on Lewis? I think the windylights look very beautiful in their own right. Up close they have a certain mystical quality."

    Flying Cat from walking in beauty like the night...
    "Last week an application was turned down for a windfarm near Berwick on the grounds that it would spoil the view."

    swampy from Derbyshire
    "There's a public enquiry today over plans for a windfarm at Blencathra in the Lake District. Chris Bonington is one the main opponents to the plan. There is a webcast on radio Cumbria's site I believe."

    calumannabel from not far fromthe usual
    "Dear god the nimbies are taking over the world. He who shouts loudest..."

    Flying Cat from miaowing in the wilderness
    "Who shouts loudest....humm theres a no brainer. The energy companies do the loudest shouting Flying Cat. When did you see an anti wind farm voice pump out their message on prime time TV? Power companies stump up for adverts before the weather forecast as well as adverts like that of eon banging on about wind farms out at sea....while they do not mention they are building most of these turbines on land. Do you suggest we just shut up and let them speak for us just because they speak for you Flying Cat? "

    Anne from Argyll
    "They don't dpeak for me no sirree, but I'm not anti wind 'farms' per se. I think they should be community owned in remote areas (as defined by urban dwellers - to some of us , they're the ones who are remote) and run by and for the benefit of the community. I don't want 181 turbines marching over Barvas moor any more than you do. Why do the most rabidly anti always have to personalise the argument?"

    Flying Cat from on balance
    "we get the media tell the public how we all need to cut down on co2 etc, and find renewable sources of energy. but when an idea is proposed every1 starts say no!! well where i use to live has the biggest offshore wind farm, in the uk!"

    lee from stornoway
    "You are allowed to suggest people are simply nimbys and any reply is personalising the argument. Sorry but its unavoidable. We are not being offered the chance to only have community wind farms. At present community wind farms simply opening the door to other wind farms or are part of a larger package. There has never been any commitment to limit this to community wind farms so it misrepresents our choices to suggest this is the case. If such a commitment were to be made then I would be much more likly to agree with you. "

    Anne from Argyll
    "Windfarms.. noisy... blots on unspoilt landscapes and imposed on those who are least able to object and get them banned from their vicinity. Try having a windfarm passed in Surrey! "

    Stan Matthews from North Carolina
    "Question for the flying cat !Check out Allerdale council Cumbria. action on E.on who say they can not replace spares and blades on turbines. When the profit is not there who pays for the de commissioning of these eye sores what regulations and time scale there to get rid of them."

    nimrod from turra