Monday, 22 October 2007


On my travels I visited the Isle of Rum and the Castle at Kinloch. Among other oddities, it contains a fully functional orchestrion. Basically, a mechanised orchestra. The sound is phenomenal and can be heard across the castle. To think it all fits under the stairs...


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  1. "Passing strange... Babybipeds used to call this 'dancing music' when very small. I don't know what they'd call it now! Very evocative..."

    Flying Cat from Fairground organ
    "20 years ago when we lived in the Isle of Man, the Rushen Abbey pub had one just the same. Sadly on my last visit earlier this year it was no longer extant. Great entertainment for wee boys of all ages."

    Hyper-Borean from A monastery garden
    "the music reminds me of fairground music years,ago!!"

    carol from on a carousel
    "Oh Arnish Lighthouse, I nearly jumped out of my skin !! No sound came out of the photograph, I clicked on various buttons, turned my volume up, forgot about it and then suddenly it let rip and blared out, I am still shaking with terror. Poor Squidgy."

    Squidgy the Otter from Hiding in my holt
    "Poor Squidgy. I just think it's awfully clever of Arnish to have put that thing here in ib from oot there in Tubeland..."

    Flying Cat from an admiring glance
    "Thanks Arnish. I heard it. Quite frightening sound, really, but the mechanics are a wonder."

    mjc from NM,USA
    "Orchestra??? Bagpipes at point-blank range are bliss compared to that. "

    Barney from Swithiod beyond the sound barrier
    "Oh no they're not!"

    Flying Cat from a three peace sweet
    " FC! Yur catawauling is bliss compared to Orchestrion. It has taken me some time to realise what a close call I had last Summer, when visiting said KC. I might have died on the spot!"

    Barney from Swithiod unobservant but still alive