Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Maritime Building no more

The Maritime Building on Pier no 1 in Stornoway is being demolished at the moment. Following a council proposal to take the listed building down, no objections were filed, so the demolition is going ahead.

I would imagine that expats around the country and around the world will be a bit sad at the disappearance of this Stornoway landmark.

The Maritime Building used to house the Caledonian MacBrayne offices, ticket office for the ferry and latterly an insurance business. It was erected in the 1930s, and saw islanders leave for World War II as well as pastures new in many cases. It was the scene for many a fond welcome home, and for many a tearful farewell. In many cases, the farewell was for good.

After the ferry terminal located to its present position, at no 3 pier, the terminal on pier no 1 fell into disuse. At the moment, the freight ferry, Muirneag, docks there through the day.

The picture at the top of this post shows the current state of affairs. The picture below was taken earlier in the year.

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    crmartin from glasgow
    "the building was lying empty and was in a right state inside it so it makes more sense that it was knocked down if it wasn't going to be used for anything. It would just end up another eyesore like all the other buildings lying empty going to rack and ruin up here, and all the rusty old bangers, abandoned boats...............the list is endless! And anyway things keep going the way there going around the pier the nearest you'd be able to any of the pier from will be the harbour office - the way the place is getting done up like fort bleeding whats it called!"

    don't undersatnd the fuss from harris but from lewis