Thursday, 4 October 2007


The southern aspect of the Arnish Lighthouse is a red sector, and today that was true in more than one sense.

The owner of the Eishken estate announced he was going to submit a planning application for 16 turbines to be constructed on his estate. According to planning rules, windfarms with an output below 50 MW do not require Scottish Government approval. The local authority can give final go-ahead.

Isn't that clever, said he through gritted teeth. This comes ON TOP of the 53 turbine Muaitheabhal Windfarm, so magnanimously reduced from an original 133. Bearing in mind the rubberstamp attitude that the Comhairle has to large windfarm projects (and don't be fooled, this one is more than likely to be 16 turbines each standing 500 feet tall) we can expect 16 turbines on the Eishken Estate in short order.

In the nearly three years that I have been in Lewis, there was always this plot of land for sale along the Eishken Road, near Seaforth Head - 4 miles southeast of Balallan. I have always found it to have a special lure. Remote, nearest neighbour half a mile away, no facilities, back to basics. The antidote was the prospect of an Eishken Windfarm - which will stand directly across the water. Worse than spoiling the view of a solitary house, it will impact the visual aspect of the Harris Hills.

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