Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ferry news

As of Monday 10 November, there is quite some disruption on our primary ferry link to Ullapool. The linkspan at Ullapool, used for loading and unloading vehicles, is undergoing essential maintenance for about 10 days. As a result, the ferry service is reduced to one sailing a day to Ullapool (at 7.15 am) and one back (departing Ullapool at 5.15pm), carrying passengers only.

Vehicles have to go to Tarbert in Harris to cross to Uig (Skye), and an amended timetable is in place on the triangular route between Uig, Lochmaddy and Tarbert. Details are available by telephone from the ferry office in either port, please consult the Calmac website for details.

MV Muirneag, which normally does the freight run to Ullapool, departed for the Tyne for its annual refit yesterday. Its place is taken by the Pentalina B, formerly known as Calmac ferry Iona. This came to my attention when I noticed the Pentalina B on AIS docked alongside pier no 1. Pentalina B will sail back and forth to Uig in Skye, direct from Stornoway, with freight. Apparently, it will do two runs each night, except for Sunday/Monday.

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  1. "Yes Tarbert is buzzing with lorries waiting to go the ferry - they are absolutely loving it!!"
    IL from harris

    "I don't believe it!!!! sorry Arnish I do believe you what I find hard to believe is that the ONLY ferry out each day leaves Stornoway BEFORE any of the buses from outlaying villages gets into Stornoway, meaning that people truly 'on foot' i.e. relying on public transport can't get off the island from Stornoway at all!!!!! "
    island threads from ness