Thursday, 27 November 2008


Jill from EK asked about the pyramid. I don't have a terribly good picture of it.

In the above image, the pyramid can be seen to the right of the third person from the left. It was in use as a seating area in the middle of the town, outside the Town House, Woolworths, Murdo Maclean's and Furniture World. As I showed in a post yesterday, it was removed at the start of this year as part of the wholesale refurbishment of the town centre. Today's weather isn't conducive to taking photographs, so I'll post a pic as soon as weather allows.

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  1. "isn't it strange how you can go through life not really seeing things ... :-) I have always wondered what the pyramid was too - I'd never seen it before ...! Have sat on the seats though ..."
    soaplady from ah, *that* pyramid ...!

    "Thank you so much, AL. Now I see what you mean! Good pics on your other postings too. I agree with what you write about IB, and will join in with whatever solution people can come up with (I say "people" cos I know nothing about how to do anything myself). Thanks again, AL, I remember this part of Stornoway - if you go down that street with the (ex-)pyramid, the ferry terminal is at the bottom, no?"
    Jill from EK

    "How wonderful to see Stornaway , never been there but vessel ex Iona came to you from Dover , will be interested to see where she goes when vessel Mirneag returns from A&P Hebburn on the Tyne .sad to hear closing this site down just as I have discovered it "
    R. Nicol from Kent England

    "I thought when I saw it yesterday that the replacement was some sort of anti-terrorism measure for the front door of Woolworths in the light of its imminent, much-lamented, departure from our streets just a few weeks short of its centenary year."
    John (x333xxx) from Achmore, Isle of Lewis