Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Late November

As darkness starts to fall before 4 o'clock, and mornings are similarly constricted, hours of daylight now come at a premium. Much as hours of darkness came at a premium in May, June and July. Personally, I find it hard to pick a season I do not like in the island. Perhaps the month of November most closely foots the bill, although being a weather buff, I cannot but enjoy the occasional gale or storm.

MV Pentalina B (which I stubbornly call MV Iona) is still carrying out the freight runs to the mainland, although normal service has been restored to Ullapool. MV Muirneag, our usual freight ferry, is still in dry-dock on the Tyne. Methinks they are being extra careful after its run-in with the Castle Grounds earlier in the year.

Until this year, the Pyramid was situated outside Woolworths in Stornoway's Cromwell Street, but its place has been taken by a faintly distorted triangle. One of its angles is at 58 degrees, the latitude of this town. I shall post a picture of it in an entry in the next few days. The above picture, dating back to last March, shows the gap following the removal of the Pyramid.

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  1. "What was the pyramid, AL? And oddly enough, I've only been to Stornoway once but that particular corner is where the bus dropped us off and it's imprinted on my memory!"

    Jill from EK