Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Seems my initial assessment of the aftermath of Saturday's storm was a bit too positive.

South Beach Street in Stornoway was closed off for a period, after the scaffolding on the Town Hall was found to be destabilised by the 100 mph gusts. The fact that seaweed was found up there bears testimony to the ferocity of the winds.

Arnol Motors lost about a dozen nearly new cars, which were parked behind a wall that collapsed on top of them. Damage is estimated to be a 6-figure sum.

Quite a few people report the loss of gardensheds and outbuildings to the gales.

It is a relief though that there were no fatalities, unlike the 2005 hurricane.


  1. 6 cars are easily replaced these days, hope there was insurance.
    Seaweed in the scaffolding! Wow!

  2. Seaweed! Amazing. It reminds me of how seashells are found in the middle of a continent, thanks to some geological shifting. At least there were no boats up there :-)

  3. As Barney suggested, the destruction of those (hopefully) insurance covered vehicles may have been a blessing in disguise to the owners. # Arnish: do the households in your area have portable electric generators for use when the power goes out - or is the latter a very rare event? In the country almost every household has one: it comes in handy when trees fall on the lines etc. I got myself a 7,000 watts generator yesterday as I am trying to go native (up to a point, your Honor). # Seaweed in scaffolding, eh? Blown in by the wind?! Aren't you glad you don't have coconut trees in your area?!!

  4. Think the cars were owned by the company, MJC.
    Cannot answer for others re. generators; think most people grin and bear a powercut.
    The seaweed is churned up by the sea, then flung up by the wind.