Friday, 16 January 2009

Hold on to your hats

This is the formal severe weather warning out for the Western Isles for Saturday night. Looks like a near-repeat of the hurricane we endured four years ago, almost to the day. Please take care if you're in the islands.

  • Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Northern Constabulary are monitoring weather conditions in the Outer Hebrides as high winds are expected tomorrow night through to Sunday morning.

  • Drivers are urged to exercise caution.

  • Mainly Southerly winds of up to 80-90mph are predicted during the overnight period and particularly around midnight.

  • High tide will also occur around midnight.

  • If the weather becomes severe, people are advised to stay indoors and not travel. Loose objects lying around in gardens etc. should be put away or secured.

  • Neighbours and friends may wish to check that elderly people are okay.

  • Bus services could be subject to alterations on Saturday night.

  • The Comhairle and the Police will continue to monitor the situation and further information will be issued as appropriate through the media.


  1. Thanks Arnish, they (the Weather Centre) now recon it will start arouns 3pm till Sunday, batten down those hatches! Keep well.

  2. The second Churchill Barrier sometimes looks like that photo and the silly buggers still insist on crossing. Its called get-home-itis. Lock up your ducks!

  3. I've been watching the weather forecast today from the comfort of that part of the country that won't get hit and I'll be thinking of you all over the weekend and hoping that it won't be as bad as forecast.

    Hang on in there!

  4. good heavens ... nice to have the warning Arnish ... :-)
    I'm sure my ducks will just go and stand somewhere sheltered, but I'll keep an eye out anyhow ...
    FC you should keep an eye on the Flying gardening shed ...!

  5. Ever since its first winter when,having been stayed with stainless steel wire ropes, it moved about 30º off true, Flying Shed has also been fixed with angle brackets to the concrete slabs...plugged and screwed...according to mpu. Ooooh such masculine terminology! So if it moves this weekend, I'll want to know the reason why!

  6. I just downloaded a GRIB file from the US weather service and it looks like you will have 40 knots of wind on Lewis about now, deccreasing somewhat in the late evening as the eye of the storm glides past the NW corner of Lewis and picking up again at 0300 UTC to 40 knots for another 6 hours. Actually, Orkney looks like getting the same 40 knot winds for a good deal longer time. And Shetland!! When on Sunday afternoon Lewis should get 10-15 knots, Shetland will still be experiencing 30-35 knots.
    Well, sooner you than me!

  7. THe UK Met office has a different, more dire story to tell:
    Short but deep.

  8. Goodluck to all during storm. Stay Safe.

  9. We love it when you talk dirty Barney:lol:

  10. EffCee, sometimes you are such a clever cat that a mere human cannot follow your level of lateral thinking. But thank you for something, not quite sure what.