Friday, 30 January 2009

Energy study

Although I'm still nowhere near Lewis (for another 3 days or so), I can't let the publication of the study by the Scottish Energy Minister go by without comment.

So land-based windturbines are the Valhalla to aim for, is it? Those views are superannuated, going back to the days that the LWP windfarm was first mooted, back in 2004 or thereabouts. And to say that a major windfarm could be sited north of Stornoway, in the exact location where that LWP project was to have been built is daft. The reason for the sinking of the LWP project was the presence of EU directives prohibiting major industrial developments. It does not appear that Mr Mather has updated his study with the findings of previous planning applications.

Windfarms west of Stornoway have been bogged down for years, on account of aviation safety concerns. Windfarms south of Stornoway - are we talking Eishken here?

I think this study is a sweetener to keep our Council happy, who are obsessed with the notion that a windfarm is the be-all and end-all. I wish we saw the end-all of the entire major windfarm notion, it is getting beyond a joke. Pursuing that notion is a waste of time and money.


  1. wonder if he did the work himself, or if he employed a creative management consultant to do the donkey work ...
    nobody cares how much money is wasted in that way - twould be a different matter if the public purse actually had more meaning for these people ...

  2. Things certainly seem to be going round in circles in official Scotland on this subject. I have been told by a pal, but not seen it myself, that there is a new class of wind turbine wihich is more like a factory chimney with vanes spiralling up and around it and - of course - capable of rotating around its vertical axis. Benefits include lower noise emissions and less effect on TV reception and higher output per unit (depending obviously on design parameters). Between Kitty Hawk and the Spitfire was about 33 years. Wind turbines have been around for about 25 years. Sic!

  3. being new to the island i have not really been involved in previous wind farm discussions but have been very aware a scheme to build a large wind farm along the north west road and barvas moor road was rejected by the government and opposed by many residents - is this new propsal not exactly the same thing?