Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ferry news

Am returning to the island tomorrow, and will feel the effects of the new ferry timetable at first hand. According to Western Isles News, the ferry Isle of Lewis is switched to a new fuel, which will be delivered to Ullapool by road tanker. Time is required for this refuelling, meaning a later departure time for the afternoon sailing to Stornoway - the ferry will now depart Ullapool at 5.35pm, arriving in Stornoway at 8.20pm.

On Saturdays, the late ferry will leave Ullapool even later, at 6.15pm.

MV Muirneag returned for freight duties over Christmas. Over the last days in the week before the holiday, MV Lord of the Isles was covering instead of MV Pentalina B (ex-Iona).

Oh one other thing. No up-to-date pictures for the time being, as my camera is out of order. Am reverting to film, which means a huge delay in getting pics on the Net.


  1. Film, how I remember that.

    Your blog about the Iolaire was good, I do feel it is important to remember events like this. Considering the statistics, it's surprising how many people have never heard of it. The documentary on BBC Alba was good also.

  2. Still best part of £50 each way (one person with a car), even with RET ... :-)

  3. Let us hope that the new fuel is low-sulphur!

  4. A good New Year to you Arnish.

  5. Later ferry on a Saturday......some of us Islanders have been wanting this for years.Good oh!!