Monday, 13 April 2009


Is probably an understatement to describe my state of mind upon hearing more and more information on the hazards of the LPG plant in the Newton area of Stornoway. A former emergency planning officer at the Comhairle has written a letter to Hebrides News, outlining the actual hazards and risks that the plant poses for its immediate environment, should the worst happen. It doesn't make for nice reading. Do nip over, and see what you think. If you like, leave a reaction here, or wherever you feel appropriate.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Gas holder as seen from Sandwick Road filling station"]Gas holder as seen from Sandwick Road filling station[/caption]


  1. Wow...thanks for the link and thought provoking post. It seems completely logical and essential for either the new school or the lpg plant to be moved and as school is yet to be built its a no brainer......somewhere much safer please CNES but don't expect for asingle second common sense to prevail as so many decisions by CNES seem driven by other agenda/interests.
    All credit to Murdo MacLeod for such an informative open letter...RJG

  2. I'm racking my brain just to wonder exactly *what* the other agenda/interests are ...

    Is it something to do with money, as so many things are ...?

    Or is it just 'you'll do as I say' in a really strong way ...?

    How do CnES lose anything by building the school somewhere else, further away ...??

  3. Terrifying stuff, Arnish, and I speak as someone who lives far too close to Grangemouth to feel comfortable sometimes.
    I'm assuming that it's just easier to build on the existing site? Like soaplady, I can't imagine why else they are being so shortsighted.

  4. Murdo also has his own blog which has not been updated for a while but well worth a read....especially if you are thinking of applying for a job at the council. or try Murchadh Ruisia's rant. Enlightening stuff.
    He may have an axe to grind but it is never a good idea to ignore issues surrounding health and safety. In their arrogant way the council want to take the HSE to task. If it wasn't public money being wasted you could perhaps laugh about an hysterical sort of way.

  5. Lady GarGar..thanks for the link (way too abrasive/radical for me) which is a great insight into CNES and its wacky ways!! RJG

  6. I've enough experience of public sector emergency planning officers to know that this EPO's advice should have been taken, as should that of the present incumbent. I agree with Lady GarGar (in such exulted company your ladyship, grovel, fawn) that the arrogance of the council is breathtaking. The Scottish Government will surely not ignore the advice of HSE so that council is yet again playing ostrich in the sand 'we're different, we're a special case because we're not on the mainland'. Grrrr.

  7. Welcome to the party Rjg of Gravir life! Murdo's rant may be too abrasive but he does not exagerate what goes on in the House of Shame in Sandwick road. You could be faced with 600million volts of electricity next door to you after having to put up with a couple of years of HGVs and other plant vehicles trying to knock you over. This council saw fit to approve that too. Were the HSE locked in a cupboard when the Gravir converter station was approved? Once again Arnish would have been the sensible place to put this monstrosity but for some reason the site seems to be reserved for very tenuous forms of short term employment. Must go, the Earl of Bragar is coming round for luncheon.