Sunday, 19 April 2009

Out of town - Bragar

For the third time this year, I have ventured beyond the cattlegrid. In January, I went to Tolsta; in February I visited someone in Ness and this month I've gone wild on the buses. Well, we've been having some absolutely fantastic weather this week. So, I dusted off my wargrave photography file and found that I still had a number of cemeteries that require my attention. Apart from the (in total) 80 wargraves that I located in the graveyards at Bragar, Barvas and Ardroil, I naturally took advantage of my visit to capture the scenery. At its best in the sun of course.

I started off in Bragar on Wednesday.

Croftlands at Bragar

Old winch at Bragar beach

Teampull an Eoin, Bragar Cemetery

Butterflies on a stone


  1. One of the fondest memories I have of my Lewis winter was visiting Bragar Cemetery on a truly foul (wild weather) Sunday afternoon and having a nosey around the graveyard which is right on the seashore. The weather was so wild that I couldn't persuade Molly out of the car to come with me!

    The surrounding area certainly didn't look anything like your pics when I was there in December!!

  2. It's a blue sky day here today but somehow I don't feel inspired to walk round the estate! 476 days to go.