Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Eishken Windfarm

Hebrides News reports that the Energy Minister, Jim Mather, will NOT make an announcement on the Eishken Windfarm when he visits Stornoway on Thursday (16th). We will not hold our breath waiting.

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  1. It would have been bang out of order for him to make any announcements before the results of the PI were in (why is this taking so long?). He has also had time to reflect on public opinion, a posting from the John Muir Trust, the opposition to Beauly-Denny and the fact that his own party's local MSP claimed he was opposed to windfarms during his election campaign. Its funny how over a week ago when the Eisgein decision became the worse kept secret, Mather and the SNP made no attempts to quash rumours...and now. Anyway it has been fun to watch one or two of our local councillors polishing their shoes, scraping their tongues, hoovering the red carpet and widening their grins with coat hangers. I expect Oppenheim has put the venison back in the freezer and shoved the brown envelope in the sock drawer. Politics eh!