Thursday, 11 June 2009

Consultation on large scale windfarms in the Western Isles

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has published draft supplementary guidance for large scale windfarms in the council area. It can be downloaded in English and Gaelic from this page. Its purpose is:

To set out policies and other advice to assist in positively planning for the provision of large scale wind energy developments (over 20 Mega Watt) in the Outer Hebrides.

All concerned are encouraged to read and give feedback on said draft guidance, using the contact information on the same webpage by Tuesday 4 August 2009.

With thanks to commenter Lady GarGar for drawing this to my attention


  1. Have you been following the Viking Energy Saga up here?

    Personally I am against the VE one as I feel it's far too big for Shetland and it's basically in the interest of making money for two individuals instead of the community. I am happy with the plans to put wind turbines on our island of Bressay, they are looking at about 5 of them.

  2. We have a massive windfarm here in EK which stretches for miles, and I passed a new one recently beside the M74 which has only 3 turbines in a field. Without wishing to be frivolous, I wondered what a small windfarm would be called? A wind allotment? A wind garden? :-)

  3. Still surprises me that so little is spoken of Wave Power around these Islands as now proven technology and so much less invasive to the Environment than 145m high monsters that will bring so little local Benefits to the local communities and still require upgrading infra-structure of Mainland Grid system...!!!

  4. shouldn't surprise you ferryman once you think that nobody 'owns' the sea-bed, do they ...? Therefore no money accrues to land-owners through wave-energy ... :- )

  5. Correction, Soaplady. The seabed falls to the Crown Estate