Sunday, 21 June 2009

Core Paths

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have launched a consultation on core paths in the Western Isles. This is a spin-off from the Land Reform Act of 2003, which requires local authorities to establish a network of paths to give the public reasonable access to their area. A paper copy can be viewed in public libraries in Stornoway, Tarbert, Balivanich and Castlebay. The text is also contained in a number of PDF-files on the Comhairle's website. The consultation closes on Friday 7 August 2009. Feedback can be given in written and email form by that date.


  1. that one looks remarkably like part of the castle grounds arnish ...?

  2. And so it is, Soaplady. It's the track from the Creed Lodge east towards the outer harbour

  3. Orkney went through this exercise some years ago, whilst I was still on the Community Council. i believe it is a good idea but it needs a lot of public input to achieve anything. Some of the suggested paths put forward did not make it on to the list. So, rather like politics, you have to go out and canvass and get support if you want to see your favourite paths included. Incidentally I also feel that this is another of those Government initiatives which, perhaps deliberately, are underfunded and thus condemned to be ultimately less than satisfactory.

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