Saturday, 6 June 2009

T/S Gunilla

Just after 6pm on Wednesday evening (3 June), the Swedish trainingship Gunilla entered Stornoway harbour under engine power. I am stressing that last fact, as we are talking about this magnificent three-master.

Gunilla is connected to a senior high school in Öckerö, Sweden. The ship sails the seas of the world, and is currently midway through a 51-day journey, which will end at Oostende, Belgium, in July. It is not known to me how long Gunilla will remain tied up at Stornoway, but anyone interested can access the ship's website. Please note the link provides an automatic translation from the original Swedish, so it's a bit clunky here and there.


  1. A beautiful photo of a sailing ship, thanks.

  2. We saw "Gunilla" in the harbour of Ockerö in 2003. It's a fantastic job they do to keep her running. The real nation for having working square-riggers is HOlland - they have what seem to be scores of them. Most of them are brigs or snows rather than barques, but still, it's definitely hats off to the Hollanders.

  3. thanks for this info - i had friends up and we were wondering what the lovely ship in the harbour was
    informative as ever ! ;0)