Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rockets galore - no more

I am horrified to learn that by 2014 our neighbours in the Uists are set to lose 125 jobs at the rocket range in South Uist. The base on St Kilda is set to be closed down. After the dust has settled on this explosive announcement, the population of the Uists is faced with the prospect of a sharp economic decline. I realise that I'm blogging out of area. However, I do tend to do that from time to time and I'm not aware of an Island Blogger in the southern isles.

From a political perspective this is a bombshell of some proportions, as the question could be asked where our parliamentary representatives were when this was all cooked up. Arnish Lighthouse as a blog will not express a party political preference, but will go so far as to say that our M(S)P have failed to grasp the reality of devolution, in that Defense is not a devolved issue, and therefore decided by the Westminster parliament and administration.

An extensive series of articles on this afternoon's announcement is published on Hebrides News.

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