Wednesday, 4 November 2009


The £300 million sub-sea electricity cable, linking Lewis to the mainland electricity grid, is to be left out of a billion pound green energy investment scheme, Hebrides News reports. It is beyond my scope to assess whether this means the interconnector will not be built, but it does not look too good. The scheme was to augment Britain's move towards the use of renewable energy. In my view, this announcement removes the Western Isles from the list of powerhouses for green energy.


  1. 300 million pounds ... just say that slowly and savour it ...

    Is this the place that the money was originally thought to be coming from Arnish ...? Perhaps it was coming from elsewhere ...?

    In a subsequent article in the Hebrides news (the next day in fact), about the undersea link between Gravir and Stornoway, they were still very much talking as if the interconnector was still on the cards ...

  2. I agree with SL that the sub-sea cable confirms the intention to proceed with Interconnector, although what will be connecteed to that remains a mystery at present.