Monday, 2 November 2009

The windfarm and the eagle

Hebrides News is reporting this morning that the windfarm applications in Eishken and Pairc are in jeopardy due to European legislation on protecting golden eagles. A windfarm in Argyll was refused planning application recently, because it could threaten golden eagles. Research shows that the threat to eagles from the turbines in Lochs could be up to 10 times higher than it is in Argyll. The crux of the case lies in a ruling from Europe (referred to as the Basses Corbières ruling) that even if an area is not a so-called species protected area, the presence of eagles means that it should be treated as such.

Lawyers are currently perusing the fine print of this issue, but things are not looking good for the South Lochs windfarms.

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  1. In what has been a difficult week (personally) I am delighted to read Heb News item at least indicating that the utmost and serious consideration be given to the Environmental impact over here in South Lochs. There are ways to take Renewables (whether wind/wave or other source) into our(UK/Scotland/Western Isles/Lochs) future plans and I hope the Debate will be resolved to the benefit and well-being of all parties....RJG