Monday, 2 November 2009


Arnish Lighthouse would like to extend sympathies to the family of a 5-year old girl on the island of Muck, who died a few days ago of a mystery illness. Only a few hours after playing at her older brother's birthday, Izzy Fichtner-Irvine died. She was the granddaughter of the island's owner, Lawrence Macewen. Her funeral took place last week. It was attended by 150 people, who were taken to the island by Calmac ferry and the local tourist boat, the Shearwater. They came from the mainland and from neighbouring islands.

Muck is a tiny, closely knit community of 38 souls, located some 15 miles southwest of Mallaig. It is served by ferry from that port, but inclement weather frequently disrupts sailings, particularly as the slipway is situated in a precarious location in the southeast facing Port Mor.


  1. A sad story, Arnish.

  2. A very sad tale, god bless her.

  3. What a sad story, Arnish. In such a small community, everyone will have known her.

  4. This is such a sad story.
    As a grandfather to two little girls it unashamedly bought a tear to my eye. My sympathy goes to the family.